Philadelphia Mixing Solutions to Partner with Propel Industrial Technologies

(Nov. 9, 2016) -- Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd., a global provider of in-tank mixing solutions, has announced it has transitioned into a new relationship with its Mid-Atlantic regional sales manager, Andrew Morris, in his new venture, Propel Industrial Technologies. In conjunction with Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Morris will continue to offer customers specialized support for all of their mixing needs, in addition to an increased choice of manufacturers in the process equipment industry offered by Propel.

Morris will continue to serve his Mid-Atlantic customer base in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia and act as the main point of contact for Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, offering continued outstanding customer service, innovative technologies, high-quality products, and superior performance. Morris’s new email address is and his phone number is 717-376-5383.

"Andy has provided both Philadelphia Mixing Solutions and our clients with a high level of technical and commercial expertise for over six years,” said Sean Roussel of Philadelphia Mixing Solutions. “We are excited to continue this relationship as Andy branches out with his own representative firm, Propel Industrial Technologies. We expect this to be a progressive step for him, the client base, and Philadelphia Mixers."